Dominatrix Terri-Jean Bedford

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Prime Minister May Be Confused

Prime Minister Harper says he is tough on crime. He says he is against prostitution. Prostitution is legal, not a crime. In fact he was fighting in the courts to keep intact the laws centred on the fact that prostitution is legal. These laws were supposedly to restrict activities related to prostitution, whatever that is. Yet these laws were declared themselves unconstitutional by two courts. It will be interesting to see how he sorts all this out, now that his futile struggle to continue the policy of the Liberals on prostitution and related activities has failed.

Terri-Jean Bedford

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What does the Prime Minister Want?

The Prime Minister does not believe that women (or men) should sell sex. He believes prostitution is bad for society. So let’s get this straight. According to him all the pre-marital sex going on during first dates or at swinger clubs or married people cheating is no problem for him – so long as it’s free. Do I have that right? We have to lie back and think of Harper and the only reward outside of the sex itself is the thought of him? How much is that worth? Is it taxable?

Terri-Jean Bedford

Monday, April 16, 2012

What are the Prime Minister’s Options?

Just a refresher. He can instruct the government lawyers to seek leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. They may or may not choose to hear an appeal. They are not obligated to do so if the government seeks one. He may also instruct them to seek an extension of the 30 day stay on the dropping of the living on the avails laws. He can order the drafting of new legislation against bawdy-houses for prostitution as the court offered to let him to during the stay. He can do nothing and effectively let prostitution become an open industry – which it basically is anyway. Finally, he may wish to make prostitution illegal. It is now legal. If he does that, it will be very interesting and he may be opening cans of worms he and his lawyers never considered.

Terri-Jean Bedford